2 avril 2012

Why do I Take Photos

Why do I take photos?

By creating my blog I tried to find an explanation for myself about   the intense need I have to write some of my fantasies, my dreams, some visions, painful moments as well as moments of bliss.

Today, after being infected with the photography virus, the camera’s click having become my second breath and the pictures taken as addictive and effective as drugs the moment they appear on my PC screen, I would like to understand my need for this addiction.

 I photograph nature and flowers, rusty locks of all kinds, old or new windows, women, men, children; what I photograph is unusual. I do not like landscapes , I love the brambles.

 Barbed wire fascinate me their secrets which revealing development. I zoom twigs, iron lines, leaves hanging at random; the dead leaves tell me their life, a faded rose shows me the way of  the end, a bird connects me to my freedom, a dog to loyalty, a cat to selfishness.....

I click and I publish on the internet, the  criticism teaches me,” like’s “ give me the wings, my days are filled with colors, shapes, scents and songs ......

How could I name  this addiction to photography???

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